The Tectonics and Magmatism Research Group (TMRG) investigates processes related to mountain building, basin development, terrane assembly and continental break-up, emphasizing the magmatism found in these environments. TMRG applies geochemical, geochronological, and structural techniques in order to understand crustal evolution and regional scale tectonic processes.

TMRG projects occur around the world including for example the circum-Arctic region, Svalbard, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi, Oman, and China. TMRG projects typically combine field investigations with laboratory or analytical work. Laboratory work emphasizes in-situ microanalysis and micro-imaging using thin- and thick-sections and grain mounts, in addition to bulk sample analysis.  Analytical equipment available to TMRG personnel can be found at the PetroTectonics Analytical Facility.

TMRG is led by Victoria Pease, Professor of Tectonics & Magmatism. Please contact her for more information.


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