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Available Projects

Within TMRG, a variety of projects are undertaken at different levels. These include Bachelor and Master’s theses, and PhD studies (see current and past projects). In addition, post-doctoral researchers, as well as senior/guest researcher collaborations occur.

For those of you thinking about your BSc or MSc project, Tectonics and Magmatism is about mountain building, basin development, terrane assembly and break-up, etc.  We apply geochemical, geochronological, and structural techniques in order to understand regional scale tectonics and crustal evolution.  Master's projects usually contain a mix of three components, whereas Bachelor's projects usually contain at least one of these components:

  1. Fieldwork
  2. Laboratory/analytical work
  3. Communication (written and oral)

These may be applied in any combination, but all three provide skills useful for most future undertakings.  Field areas currently include the Arctic region and the Middle East, but other locations may be possible.Laboratory work emphasizes in-situ microanalysis and micro-imaging using thin- and thick-sections and grain mounts, in addition to bulk sample analysis.  Typical projects involve use of the PetroTectonics XRF or LA-ICPMS.  Theoretical projects tend to be computer/excell based, for example applying mixing equations.  Public speaking skills are developed via seminars.Projects are typically aligned with your interests so have a look for some ideas below, see the ‘past projects’ link under Research, or contact me.

– Possible projects (pdf file)