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Petrogenesis of mafic magmatism in the Arctic
Inês G. Nobre Silva

Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) play an important role in many aspects of the Earth’s development.  The enormous volume (for example >2.5 million km3 for the Siberian Traps) coupled with a volatile content that can reach 4 weight % provide a significant input of new material into both the Earth’s crust and atmosphere.  Due to the volume of both volatile and particulate matter injected into the atmosphere, the eruption of LIPs have been linked to many contemporaneous mass extinctions in the geological record.  While the occurrence of  extensive outcrops of basaltic flows dykes and sills that constitute the High Arctic Large Igneous Provence (HALIP) has been recognized since early polar expeditions of the mid- to late 19th century, due to the remote locations these rocks have received comparatively little study.

Figure caption: The Fe-rich trend of Devonian dikes from the Timan Range might indicate a plume or back-arc source.