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Paleozoic Magmatism of the Beishan region, China 
Wen Zhang

The Beishan region in northern China connects the Tarim, China-Korea, and Kazakhstan plates.  Thus it plays an important role in unravelling the complex geological and tectonic history of these three plates and the tectonic evolution in Paleozoic time.  Late Paleozoic granitoids are widely distributed in the Beishan region of the Central Asia Orogenic Belt (CAOB).   By analyzing the spatial and temporal distribution of the Late Paleozoic granitoids, we hope to define the relationships between these granitoids and explore the crust-mantle interaction during Late Paleozoic times in the region.  This will include petrographic and petrogenetic characterization, as well as determining U-Pb zircon crystallization ages.

Figure caption:  Isotope mixing model for the genesis of Beishan granites (see Zhang et al., 2012, Lithos).