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CALE, Circum-Arctic Lithosphere Evolution
Victoria Pease

This international project investigates circum-Arctic lithosphere evolution. Understanding the evolution of lithosphere involves both the kinematic interpretation of geological and geophysical data and knowledge of the physical processess which led to the evolution of present and past structures. Tectonic activity created Arctic basins and ridges, modifying the structure and architectureof its crust and lithosphere over time. using detrital zircon U-Pb provenance investiagtions. CALE seeks to understand the tectonic development of the Amerasian Basin in particular, in order to test hypotheses for the evolution of Arctic lithosphere. This multidisciplinary research project involves c. 40 geologists and geophysicists from ten different countries working across the entire Arctic region. These investigations are linked to my CASP project and the correlation of circum-Arctic terranes and orogens, and will define the role of the lithosphere in this evolution.

See www.cale.geo.su.se for more information