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U-Pb detrital zircons investigations of southern Novaya Zemlya sediments
Karin Eliaeson (BSc thesis)

Using U-Pb detrital zircon dating, this project investigates the timing and source provenance of inferred Precambrian basement (greywacke) and unconformably overlying Ordovician sandstones.  The tectonic significance of the unconformity, regional in scale, is important for constraining Arctic tectonic reconstructions.  Field-investigations were conducted for sample collection on Novaya Zemlya.  Samples were processed using the Cameca 1270 at the Nordsim Facility.  This research is part of a larger program aimed at understanding circum-Arctic allochthonous terrane distribution and sediment provenance (CASP).

Figure caption: Unconformity of southern Novaya Zemlya, Russia