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Neoproterozoic island arc magmatism of northern Taimyr
Stefan Persson (BSc thesis)

A unique occurrence of little studied igneous rocks near the Arctic coast on the Taimyr Peninsula are the focus of this investigation. Their age, inferred on the basis of lithologic and stratigraphic correlations, is poorly constrained but thought to be early to mid-Neoproterozoic (late Riphean).  The tectonic setting associated with their formation is not known.  Field work was undertaken in the Primet Mountain region of northern Taimyr to determine i) the regional extent of these igneous rocks, ii) their age and petrogenesis, iii) their tectonic significance, and iv) to assess their possible correlation to lithologies of the Central Belt.  This research is part of a larger program aimed at understanding circum-Arctic allochthonous terrane distribution and sediment provenance (CASP).

Figure caption: Welded tuff of Mikolova Peninsula, N. Taimyr, Russia